Siddhartha Mukherjee

Oncologist, Biologist, Physician, Pulitzer Winner Author - 'The Emperor of All Maladies'


Dr. Moni Abraham Kuiakose

Onco-Surgeon, Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center

Bangalore, India

Shri. S Dangayach

Industrialist , Founder, Innovative Thought Forum

Ahmedabad, India

Ms Kiran Shah Mazumdar

CMD of BioCon

Bangalore, India

Dr Michael Dixion

Medical Advisor to HRH The Prince of Wales, Pioneer in Integrated Medicine

London, U.K.

Dr. Rakeshkumar Mahesh Rawal

Expert in Cancer Biologist & Informatics

Gujarat, India

Dr Issac Mathai

Founder, Chairman and M D SOUKYA

Bangalore, India

Dr Anil Khurana

Director General, Central Council of Research in Homeopathy(CCRH), Govt of India

Delhi, India

Prof. Dr Abhijit Chatterjee

Director, National Institute of Homeopathy

Kolkata, India

Dr A U Ramakrishnan

International Homeopath, Author, Legend

Chennai, India

Prof Dr Harald Matthes


Berlin, Germany

Dr Rajmohan V

Ayurveda Academician, Researcher, Govt Ayurveda College

Kannur, India

Dr Sunirmal Sarkar

Homeopathy Oncology Expert, Academician, Practitioner

Kolkata, India

Dr H R Nagendra

Yoga Shri & Padma Shri Awardee - Yoga expert - Founder Vice Chancellor – VYASA

Bangalore, India

Dr K M Madhu

Ayurveda Oncology Expert, Kottakkal Ayurved Sala

Kottakkal, India

Dr Alok Pareek

Yash Bharti Awardee, Homeopath, Speaker, Former World President, LMHI

Agra, India

Dr Manfred Mueller

Homeopathy Oncology Expert, Educator, Author

United States

Prof. Dr P Senthil Kumar

Siddha Oncology Expert, Author & Speaker

Chennai, India

Prof. Dr E S Rajendran

Researcher, academician , International Cancer Consultant in Homeopathy, Speaker, Author

Kochi, Kerala

Dr Rajesh Shah

Researcher in Oncology & Homeopathy, Author, Speaker, International Consultant

Mumbai, India

Dr Vinu Krishnan

Homeopathy Oncology Expert, Speaker

Wandoor, India

Dr Sandeep Roy

Chairman, Indian Institute of Integrative Oncology, Homeopathy Oncology Expert, Speaker

Nashik, India

Dr Jean Lionel Bagot

Oncologist, Author - Cancer & Homeopathy


Dr Pankaj Bhatnager

Homeopathy Oncology Expert

New Delhi, India

Dr K C Muraleedharan

Officer-In-Charge, NIHMH

Kottayam, India

Dr Stephan Baumgartener

Chief Research Officer - Iscador AG

Lorrach,  Germany

Luke Coutinho

Integrated & Lifestyle Expert, Internationally Renowned Cancer Nutritionist, Author

Mumbai, India

Dr Olufami Ladeinde

Communicator, Medical Consultant, Nutritionist

Ibadan, Nigeria

Dr Pooja Sabharwal

Ayurveda Academician (CBPACS), Researcher, Speaker, Author, Awardee, National Human Rights Award, Ayurveda Excellence Award

New Delhi, India

Dr Gopal I Patel

Homeopathy Oncology Expert, Clinician, Researcher

Kottayam, India

Dr Ajmal Kiran Thodika

Unani Expert, Researcher

Kozhikode, India

Dr Srinivasa Rao Nyapati

Clinician, Homeopathy Cancer Expert

Hyderabad, India

Dr P Harihara Moorthy

Renowned Otolaryngolist

Bangalore, India

Dr Maurice orange

Clinical Oncologist in Anthroposophic Medicine, Medical Director of Park Attwood Clinic, Speaker, Author


Dr Jayesh V Sanghvi

Director - Nature Clinic , Oncology Expert in Homeopathy, Speaker

Chennai, India

Dr Eswara Das

Clinician, Speaker, Former Advisor - Homeopathy - Govt of India


Dr Sreevals Menon

Clinician, International Speaker, Founder & Director - RM & AIHMS Homeopathy Clinics

Kozhikode, India

Prof. Dr Praveen Kumar

Academician , Researcher

Hyderabad, India

Dr Kannan Ayyappan

Clinician, Repertorian, Speaker, Director - AIHMS Homeopathy & Homeocare Clinics

Trivandrum, India

Dr Esmail Sait

Academician, Clinician, Speaker, Dr Sait's Homeopathy Hospital & Research Centre

Kozhikode, India