About ICIO 2020
International Conference on Integrative Oncology (ICIO)
Kochi is going to witness the 4th and world’s largest International Conference on Integrative Oncology (ICIO), where the elite minds of the world will share and discuss the best possible healthcare advances in cancer management apart from the conventional cancer treatments on February 8 & 9 at Le Meridien , Kochi, Kerala by Global Homeopathy Foundation (GHF), in association with Ministry of AYUSH, CCRH, Government of Kerala, National AYUSH Mission (NAM), Pallium India & Dr. Koppikar’s Foundation For Homoeopathy (KFH). The conference shall be a two-day event with International and National resource persons from different fields such as cancer care, cellular biology, genetics etc. The main objectives of this conference are to make a difference in the lives of millions of people who are suffering from cancer and deliberation and development of protocols in Integrative Oncology by bringing experts from all the healthcare fraternities including conventional medicine.
Integrative Oncology
Even though science in general and medical science in particular has grown considerably in the recent past, nobody is able to give any rational explanation for the real cause and development of cancer. Multifactor reasons, which include the material level causes like polluted environment, food, etc., involvement of carcinogens, smoking, betel chewing, tobacco use, role of some drugs, certain viruses, exposure to radiation, etc. are brought out. Various treatment methods like chemotherapy, radiation, laser surgery, etc. have been developed based on the thinking that the tumour is the problem. But even after the removal of the tumour or the cancer through surgery or chemotherapy or radiation or laser surgery, many patients still develops further tumours or cancer. There is no clear explanation for this from the scientific or the medical world.
Experience has shown that every medical system has got certain credible strengths to offer in health care. It is also a fact that no single medical system could address all the clinical problems that the man kind is faced with. This is more relevant in clinical conditions like Cancer.
The history of the medical world shows four dominant medical systems existing since ancient times. These are Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Egyptian Medicine and Greek Medicine. Apart from these there is also Acupuncture, Acupressure & Homoeopathy. Incidentally in all these systems purity of the mind/body/soul and harmony between them is of great significance in maintaining good health.
What’s Unique of Integrative Oncology?
Yoga, meditation, and all these ancient medical systems teach to bring harmony between mind, body and soul to maintain their purity. Consideration of the imbalance and weakness of “Chi,” an energy level entity as the cause of the disease in Chinese medicine and treatments like Acupuncture and Acupressure at certain specific spots to revitalize the “Chi” were present in China. Even though Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Egyptian Medicine are there in the corners, they are still remaining dormant due to the dominance of the modern material medicine. But the Indian Traditional Medicine, Chinese Medicine and other holistic and dynamic medicines like Homoeopathy are gaining acceptance around the world especially in the treatment of NCDs and conditions like Cancer. All these systems are holistic; they treat the sick by considering the peculiarities of the mind, body and soul or vital force.
When the whole world has been struggling unsuccessfully for answers on the Emperor of All maladies, the mainstream research should explore the potential of other complementary systems in tackling this great challenge in medicine. If the AYUSH systems do have any effective treatment protocols that can be applied for the benefit of cancer patients, then it becomes urgent and imperative that they are identified, documented, reviewed, researched and known as Evidence based medicine (EBM), so that they may be used appropriately. Tapping the potential of complementary systems in cancer is a tremendous opportunity, which can help transform the lives of millions of people, both in India and globally. Today, there is huge global interest in complementary systems. This opportunity, if not acted upon, runs the risk of robbing cancer patients, of what may, in fact be validated as effective healing therapies, a risk that we cannot afford to take.