About Global Homeopathy Foundation
GHF is a non-government, non-commercial organization, conceptualized and formed by a group of dedicated, apolitical, like minded Indian professionals with a noble objective of creating a global institution that delivers the benefits of Homeopathy as a safe, potent and viable alternative healthcare system for the wellness of mankind, the world over. It also aims at empowering the growth of Homeopaths and help Homeopathy get its rightful status as a credible medical science in the world.
GHF operates as an advisory body, with its affiliates and members in twelve countries, extending its best support and experience to the officials and policy makers.
GHF’s vision is to take homeopathy to every country, with a focused objective to universalize its inherent strength for a safe, effective and affordable health care for the overall wellness of mankind with the support of - Philanthropists, Luminaries, Industrialists, Celebrities, Politicians, Corporate Organizations and Health, Education and Trade related world bodies like UN, WHO, UNESCO and others. GHF also facilitate the lovers of Homeopathy to share their experiences to the world. Thus, GHF intends to be one powerful platform to bring nobility from all walks of life for the development and promotion of Homeopathy to benefit mankind.
The World Homeopathy Summit in 2015 by GHF was globally a path-breaking event, highly discussed across the International fraternity. First time in the history of Homeopathy in the world, on one single platform, 23 Scientists & Researchers from 11 countries participated form across pure science streams like nanoscience, molecular biology, pharmaco-chemistry, high dilution research, chemical engineering, immunology, cell-line studies, genetics, pathogenic trials etc. Near 400 International media reported the event apart from the national coverage.
Furthermore, three international conferences on Cancer and five National Homeopathy Conferences across major cities in India also delivered great attention and scientific breakthroughs in Homeopathy sector. GHFs involvement and multiple presentations from our resource team at the 200th European Homeopathy Congress in Vienna in 2016, conduct of a National Conference in Homeopathy for Medicina Alternativa Department of the Government of Romania at Bucharest in 2016 and co-organizing the major, first ever, International AYUSH Conference at Dubai in 2017 with World Ayurveda Foundation, Ministry Of AYUSH, Government Of India, Ministry Of Health Dubai/UAE etc. has made the GHF role and operations prominent to policymakers, celebrities and world leaders. Apart from these GHF also funds research at campuses and conducts major charitable activities at all the needed fronts, including support during national calamities.
Among our trustees are Dr Eswara Das (Chairman GHF) Former Advisor to Govt of India in Homeopathy; Dr Sreevals Menon (Managing Trustee) founder of Kerala’s first ever chain of speciality clinics; Dr Jayesh V Sanghvi (Vice Chairman) celebrity homeopathy & world-renowned consultant, esp. on Cancer; Dr Esmail Sait (Vice Chairman) a legendary consultant academician from south India; Dr Rajesh Shah (Secretary) of Life Force Homeopathy, an international speaker and researcher in Homeopathy; Dr Kannan (Treasurer) speaker and resource person associated with national, international bodies and Dr Praveen Kumar (Public Relation Officer) a nationally awarded academician, clinician and researcher on HIV.
GHF forever stands by its motto of - HOMEOPATHY For HUMANITY